Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am also "That One"

Dear Senator McCain,

After watching you last night debating Senator Barack Hussein Obama, now I am more convinced than ever that you are not going to win the elections. You sounded pathetic and looked tired. You are becoming a lonely and sad caricature of yourself on the hands of your campaign advisors and your second in command, Governor Palin, whose intellect and manners cannot be compared to any living creature on this planet.

You and Palin are becoming more show than substance, simple cartoon characters as part of The Original Mavericks (see related post) spoof that you two are so thrilled with. Just keep talking about invading countries, while thousands of Americans are losing their jobs and homes. Just keep insulting “that one.” Just keep labeling “that one” as a terrorist who hates America. Thank God that you wanted to carry out a clean and honorable campaign; thank God for that.

Of course, you and your surrogate don’t like to talk about the past, but you keep insisting on talking about your years in confinement; “my friends…my friends…my friends…my friends…” Well, news for you “my friend” I am NOT your friend!!! Enough about capitalizing on your years of service! Thanks for your time but ENOUGH!

You don’t like to talk about the disastrous past eight years of the Republican mandate. It was your party the one that has gotten us in deep financial and economic crisis. It was your party, “my friend.” But you like to keep talking about being a bi-partisan and how that’s the way ahead for the future of the country. News for you “my friend,” if you are truly unhappy about the system, leave the Republican Party and start your own party. Please, don’t preach us about how traditional parties don’t work or about how corrupt is Washington or Wall Street, particularly since you are part of the system that you hate so much. Do something about it, but you won’t because for the last thirty years you failed to do so.

There is no room for people like you in our Amerika. You represent the worst of Amerika. Retirement is waiting for you “my friend.” Palin can always find a job selling cosmetic products on a mall, “you betcha.” (Note: Ants’ Meat would like to apologize for this remark to all those who sell cosmetic products across Amerika. I am sure that Palin would let you down also.)

We are all “that one;” we are all Barack HUSSEIN Obama, and we are very proud of it. Obama is not “that one,” but The One. Shame on you Senator McCain!

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