Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Burning Man!!!

Dear Ants' Meat friends,
Our team is leaving this planet as we know it for the Playa. Please keep in touch and love your neighbour, even she is a hardcore Republican...

We'll be posting from Black Rock Desert (hope...if we remember...if we don't forget...)


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Friday, August 15, 2008

Freedom for Ossetia, NOW

As of today, Russia and Georgia have signed a cease-fire. Good news for everybody!

However—well, yeah! there is always a “however”—the Ants’ Team would like to address the understanding of democracy by the different parties involved in this conflict: Georgians, Russians and Ossetians.
As you know by now, none of the big “world leaders” have expressed their support for the independence of South Ossetia. I guess that the self-determination of the Ossetians (at least of those from South Ossetia) is not a democratic right!

Georgia President Mikhail Saakashvili has not stopped talking about the right of Georgians to be freed from any foreign power (i.e., Russia) and how democratic they are…But President Saakashvili has never referred even once about the right of South Ossetians (and Abkhazia) to be freed of them if that’s their desire. What is Georgia afraid of?

So, it’s OK for the democratically elected government of Georgia to invade their neighbors. Hitler was also elected democratically, just in case we forgot.

Why the U.S. doesn’t encourage the growth of democracy in the region by allowing those minorities to express their desire for self-determination?

The Bush administration cannot ignore the fact that by defending Georgia is intrinsically negating the future for Ossetians or Abkhazians. The Bush administration has publicly condemned the Russians for invading Georgia, but it has kept silent about Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia. Are the South Ossetians less human than the Georgians? Don’t they all deserve to be treated equally? Doesn’t the Bush administration understand that the whole world is learning what hypocrisy is all about by just looking at them?
Now, Bush can rest assure that the world is safe again…and will resume his most-well deserved vacations in Texas…In the mean time, the South Ossetians will buried their love ones and began reconstructing their homes.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ossetia for the Ossetians!

Is it crazy to believe that only Russians, Georgians, Americans…have the right to establish their own independent states?

Is it crazy to believe that the Ossetians, north and south have the right to establish their own independent state?

It amazes me how on the 08.08.08 the Russians attacked the Georgians and the Georgians invaded South Ossetia. Then the Russians invaded South Ossetia. It was a theatrical nightmarish spectacle rivaling only with the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony. Both were tributes to outdated patriotism and militaristic narcissism. Obviously, the Caucasian conflict caused over 2,000 deaths in a matter of days and over 150,000 people have been displaced…the Chinese Communist regime endorsed the hypocritical sympathy of the planet, while forgetting that minorities such as the Uyghurs and Tibetans are brutally repressed as we speak.

It amazes me even more that while President Bush was enjoying the Olympic Games, he had the decency to express to Mr. Putin his feelings about the whole conflict. “Sorry dude, it is OK for us to invade any country that we please but it is wrong for you...By the way, have you seen the volleyball beach gals…I was so tempted, so tempted…?” (Not actual words, just a dramatization of the events).
Mr. Putin's reply was: “Oh, yes, I get it ;)...nice girrrls” (Not actual words, just a dramatization of the events).

As of today, Russia is invading Georgia.

Mr. Bush holding a U.S. flag. Is this a distressed call?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Olympic Human Rights: Not a Game

As all of you know by now, Beijing is hosting the Olympic Games. President Bush is telling us how disgusted he is about China's human right violations...obviously, he doesn't want to hear about his own administration's well-documented human rights violations...

When on 08.08.08 you tune the TV to watch the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, please take into account that indirectly you are helping the Chinese Communist Regime to violate human rights.

Be informed and take action:
Amnesty International
Reporters Without Borders

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

El regreso del amigo americano

Queridos amig@s,
Si la semana pasada nos centramos en un discurso pronunciado por Francis Fukuyama, hoy me gustaría destacar un artículo de opinión escrito por Javier Valenzuela para el periódico Español El País.

La intención de Ants’ Meat es la de alcanzar a cuantas más personas mejor, y desde luego no nos queremos olvidar de todos aquellos que comparten uno de los idiomas más hablados en Estados Unidos.

Esperemos que el artículo de Valenzuela les haga reflexionar sobre el papel que Our Amerika ha de jugar en el mundo en los próximos años. Hay que mirar al futuro, siempre adelante.