Monday, September 22, 2008

The Original Mavericks: Nationalizing Wall Street

The action of GOP’s new movie, The Original Mavericks: Nationalizing Wall Street, takes place in a near-future Amerika. Aspiring actress Sarah Palin (Pit-bull-lipstick-soccer-mommy) and veteran actor John McCain (The Deregulator) team together in this "science-fiction" movie to save Planet Amerika threaten by liberals and celebrities under the leadership of Big Spender (played by Barack Obama). The Original Mavericks (McCain-Palin) will summon lobbyists and special-interest groups to defeat The Liberals in their evil-campaign to socialize medicine and cut taxes for the working people. The only solution left for the Mavericks is to nationalize Wall Street and save the day for the super-rich-class of the country. The best sequence of the movie takes place in the Oval Office: CEOs, lobbyists and The Original Mavericks and alike hold hands and sing “Oh Government won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?...Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends…”
For those who love happy ends, well, Pit-bull-lipstick-soccer-mommy and The Deregulator did not get married…or did they?

“I bet you $1.1 trillion of our tax money that the GOP producers are working on a second part; I hear something about The Original Mavericks: Drilling Alaska...” one of the GOP studios’ janitors commented. However, our source believes that the sequel will be only for adults…That's a shame.

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