Friday, October 24, 2008

The Average American Jane and Joe

John McCain and Sarah Palin love (yes, they do!) the average (pro-America, I must say) Joe and particularly unlicensed plumbers and hockey moms who live in small-town pro-America. Oh yes, Republicans love the average pro-America Joe (they keep forgetting about Jane; this concerns me).
Here you have some numbers about the “average America” to illustrate their love for Our Amerika:

  • According to the US Census Bureau, the average American, age 25 or older, made roughly $32,000 per year (in 2005), does not have a college degree (as of 2003), has been, is, or will be married as well as divorced at least once during his or her lifetime, lives in his or her own home in a suburban setting, and holds a white collar office job. Based on data from 2005, the average four-person family income as of 2008 is over $67,000.
  • The Iraq War has cost the average American family over $16,000 since the war began.
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Over the past 12 months, the number of unemployed persons has increased by 2.2 million and the unemployment rate has risen by 1.4 percentage points.”
  • As of June 2008 both the rate of new home foreclosures and late payments were the highest on record going back to 1979.

So, what the Republicans do about the deep socio-economic and financial recession that we are facing, well, they go shopping!!!

“Since her selection as John McCain's running mate, the Republican National Committee spent more than $150,000 on clothing and make-up for Gov. Sarah Palin” and her entire family, reported.

Let’s see what Mr. McCain used to think about banal campaign spending not too long ago:

The Huffington Post stated, “It was revealed that Palin's fashion budget for several weeks was more than four times the median salary of an American plumber ($37,514). To put it another way: Palin received more valuable clothes in one month than the average American household spends on clothes in 80 years. A Democrat put it in even blunter terms: her clothes were the cost of health care for 15 or so people.”

I cannot wait for another fours years of failed policies and brutal wars, right!

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