Friday, July 11, 2008

October 25, 2008

On October 25, 2008 the citizens of the Basque Autonomous Community of Euskadi will be asked the following two questions:

  • "Do you agree to support a negotiated end to violence, if ETA declares unequivocally its wish to put an end to violence once and for all?"
  • "Do you agree to the initiation by all Basque political parties, without exclusions, of a negotiation process to reach a Democratic Agreement on the right of the Basque People to decide their own future, and to the holding of a Referendum on the aforementioned Agreement before the end of 2010?"

The Spanish Government has already expressed their rejection to any referendum. They are afraid!!! But of what?

Clearly, the Spanish Governemnt doesn't believe in asking people about their own future. I guess they have never heard anything about participatory democracy. Too bad!! Another great example of what kind of democracy exists in Spain.

Ants' Meat hopes that the October 25, 2008 plebiscite would take place. However, if this isn't the case Ants' Meat would love to hear from diaspora Basques in the U.S. and elsewhere about what they are going to do. Be imaginative, be active, be part of Ants' Meat.

Gora Euskal Herria Askatuta!

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