Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Education and faith: a matter of life

Four years ago a dear friend of mine told me that she could not vote for any presidential candidate that was not pro-life and against homosexuality. She has been an elementary school teacher for nearly four decades, and she was appalled about the deterioration of the education in the country and the administration’s foreign policy. However, she voted for Bush... At the end, she followed her Christian beliefs, which is fine, and decided to vote for another four years of calamities.

We had many discussions about those and many other issues. In one occasion I asked her whether her strong religious values also extended to countries such as Iraq where innocent people were murdered as a result of an unlawful U.S. Army led-invasion. She looked at me, “Well dear, children are children no matter where they live, and it is awful that innocent children are being killed. Perhaps, it is the only way to protect America. These children are being sacrificed in order to save the lives of our children.”

I believe that this life and death issue would become once again a decisive factor in this year’s presidential campaign. To my dear friend and to all of those people that in good faith believe in God, if you are thinking to vote for a candidate with a great pro-life record, please also think about the children of millions of Iraqis who also deserve a chance to live a prosperous, healthy and peaceful life.

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